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In many ways, the Super yacht Adastra looks more like a spaceship than a luxury yacht. The work of John Shuttleworth Designs, the 42.5m technologically advanced Trimaran took five years to design, and was recently launched with a price tag of $15M Dollars.

Part of the design focus included the selection of lightweight materials allowing the yacht to consume less fuel. In creating a yacht that can cruise for long distances without the need to refuel. With a top speed of 22 knots, the Adastra is designed with major components that are lightweight, yet stable, in mind.

The core of the superstructure consists of carbon fiber Nomex honeycomb, with the hull consisting of glass and Kevlar foam. Oak cabinetry can be found within the interior. However, honeycomb was used to reduce the weight of the wood. Additional weight reduction was also accomplished by custom designing many elements and building them specifically for the vessel. Even the weight of small elements such as hinges was taken into consideration.

The main engine is a Caterpillar C18 1150hp. There are also two outrigger Yanmar 110hp engines. There are three generators on board. Two of these can be found in the outriggers attached to the Yanmar engines. The third can be found within the main engine room. At a speed of 13 knots, the fuel consumption was predicted to be 90 liters per hour.

However, when tested, the Adastra outperformed this prediction, using only 60 liters per hour. The measured fuel consumption at a speed of 10.5 knots was 29 liters per hour. At this speed and consumption rate, a full tank would take the yacht approximately 10,000 miles.

Three anchors make up the anchoring system. Carbon fiber was used to create the drum winches, which are run using hydraulics. The primary anchor is deployed from the starboard wing, and weighs 130kg. A smaller 80kg anchor can be deployed from the bow via a carbon fiber arm. The third, and smallest anchor weighs in at 60kg, serves as the stern anchor, and is deployed from the port wing.

iPad technology is also a part of the Adastra design. All of the electronic functions can be controlled via an iPad. This includes lights, monitoring system, and much more. This type of control could present security risks. Therefore, a connection distance limit of 50 meters from the yacht is in place. Palladium Technologies, a Florida company, is credited with the development of the Super yacht app that is needed to make this functionality possible.

The main deck features a panoramic window that offers superb views. The main deck also includes a saloon area, lounge area, dining area, and of course the navigation station. The large sundeck that is located on the foredeck can be access through a door in the saloon area. The aft deck includes a sofa, bar area, and dining area. Directly below this space is the garage, complete with a fold out that creates a diving platform.

Additional space is in part due to the slightly flared central hull. This space is divided into two sections. The master suite extends the full width of the yacht, and is accessible from the deck saloon. The area also includes two guest cabins, crew accommodations, and the galley. In total, nine guests and as many as six crew members can sleep comfortably aboard the Adastra. Rounding out the list of usable space is the main helm, which is within a raised pilot house and provides seating for two.

The interior decor is modern, sleek, and as futuristic as the exterior of the yacht. State-of- the-art extras provide modern luxury for all guests. The innovation behind the Adastra places it a step above other yacht options that can be found in the boating world today. By placing an extreme amount of focus on each and every design element, John Shuttleworth Designs has created a luxury yacht that is visually appealing, technologically forward, and optimally functional.

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