Vibram Women’s VI-B Fitness Yoga Shoe


Innovation, Quality, Performance

A perfect shoe for the elegant minimalist, the VI-B is designed to be a more evolved ballet flat for women on the go. Featherlight, breathable and slimfitting, the VI-B has everything you love about FiveFingers, just slightly more refined.

For more than 75 years, Vibram has been a trusted leader in performance and innovation. Our founder, Vitale Bramani, lived in Milan, Italy and developed the first rubber sole on a mountaineering boot, which changed the way the people moved, up down, and across the Earth forever. Vitale’s experience as a mountain guide and climber in the Italian Alps convinced him of the need for performance rubber soles on footwear. What followed was a success story and the production of millions of soles for the best shoes in the industry. In 2006, Vibram introduced the next generation of innovative performance sole design: one that can make us more aware of our feet and more connected to our environment. We call it Vibram FiveFingers.


Wearing a pair of Vibram FiveFingers is very different from wearing conventional footwear. The thin, flexible, and deconstructed sole allows the foot to curl and flex. The toes are separated – just like on our feet! Because of these features, every step taken in FiveFingers is an experience in texture, ground feedback, and awareness that can keep us better connected to our environment.

So, how are we supposed to do this minimalist/barefoot thing?

The truth is there isn’t a single correct approach. Vibram believes that moving and running in FiveFingers can make us more connected to the environment around us. Come join us and explore the joys of minimalist footwear.

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