Is Coinbase RISKY? Those Events can’t go unnoticed…


Coinbase has been under criticism for a long time. It basically got under fire for being on the verge of bankruptcy and having a bad corporate strategy. As a result, the share price has fallen significantly and major shareholders such as Cathie Wood have exited. This raises the question of whether the stock exchange still makes sense as an investment provider in the future and whether the share price offers an opportunity. Is Coinbase risky? Let’s find out.

Is Coinbase Risky? The Events of the last few weeks

In the last few weeks, the events surrounding the company Coinbase have increased. We show you the events:


Coinbase accused of bankruptcy

A week ago, more and more rumors surfaced that Coinbase was facing bankruptcy. The reason for this was a report by Business Insider with leaked emails from Coinbase. These state that the company would soon be discontinuing the affiliate program. It also included advertising deals with various influencers and the press. Some influencers spread the news further, including Ben Armstrong: