5G Helium Miner Bundle with FreedomFi Gateway + MosoLabs Indoor CBRS Radio | US915


Product Description

FreedomFi Gateway Included

Indoor CBRS Radio Included

Outdoor CBRS Radio Included

8dBi Antenna Kit Included

MOBILE Earnings
0 1X 2.5X 2.5X + 1X per radio + 2.5X per radio

Ignite open 5G revolution: Expand your FreedomFi Gateway over time as the Helium blockchain evolves to support 5G and Wi-Fi by connecting certified cellular antennas and Wi-Fi access points.
Stay up to date: Zero-touch auto-update system ensures that the software on your FreedomFi Gateway will always run the latest version with no manual intervention required.
Expand over time: With a 4-core Intel CPU and 3 Gigabit Ethernet ports, the FreedomFi Gateway is the most powerful Helium miner on the market, and it is expandable with up to 3 CBRS small cells and/or Wi-Fi access points.
Troubleshoot locally: Local device status dashboard makes it possible to troubleshoot and report issues quickly, such as Internet connectivity problems.
Mount on the wall or ceiling: Wall/ceiling mounting gear, included in the packaging, makes it easy to install securely on any vertical or horizontal surface.
FCC and CE, Helium, and DeWi certified.