8 GPU Mining Rig 70mm Slots with 2500W Power Supply, 8 Fans Crypto Coin Miner Case with Barebone Motherboard for Ethereum, Cryptocurrency Mining Frame with SSD/RAM (Without GPU)


The power cord can be used in the voltage of 110V-250V. This is our custom power cord, it is a universal power cord. But our power supply is available above 180V, which does not conflict with the power cord that can be used at 110-250V

1.Please use a GPU less than 32 cm in length. The rig is compatible with a single-channel power supply with size 2U
2.Mining rig troubleshooting :
We have done a quick test before shipment. The rig will be slightly problematic, possibly due to long-term transportation and violent express delivery. When you get the rig, don’t run GPUs immediately. Let’s first test if the rig works.
①Power supply troubleshooting
Check the power supply to see if the fan is spinning.
About high-power power supplies (above 1000W ): If the power supplies are suddenly cut off, it will take a while, at least 3 minutes, until the residual power of the large capacitor is discharged before restarting.
②Motherboard troubleshooting
Connect the keyboard to the computer, Press the Num Lock light on the keyboard. If the light remains off, the motherboard might be at fault. If the Num Lock light on and press again, the Num Lock light off, there is no fault with the motherboard.
③Install the system
The SSD MSATA we configured is not installed with the system, You can log in to the official website of the corresponding system to download, there is a corresponding installation tutorial.
④Unable to detect GPU
You need to install the GPU driver.
⑤Unable to access BIOS
(1) Check motherboard
(2) Replace HDMI cable

【Built in 2500W Power Supply】 Built in 2500W power supply with 10 PCS long power cables. No need to purchase adapter cables, connect to motherboard and GPUs directly. Load decibels: about 68-70DB. It can be used at 176-264V voltage. (Can not be used at household voltage of 110V) The number of revolutions is as high as 7000 rpm per minute so the heat dissipation effect is good. The power efficiency is about 90%. Please reserve about 300W for the motherboard, fan, and other wire consumption.
【8 GPUs Support】8 GPU 70mm expansion slots in the mining computer case. For our power supply, the power efficiency is 90%, the rated power is 2500W, and the output power=2500*90%. So we recommend to run 8 PCS 3070/6800/6800XT 6900/6900XT GPUs simultaneously, run max 6 PCS 3090, run max 8PCS 3080 without overclocking. Note: GPUs longer than 32 cm in length are unavailable. We don’t recommended to mix various types of GPUs.
【8 Fans Support & Fan Controller 】The cryptocurrency mining rig case is equipped with 8 PCS cooling fans. 4 fans pull the air in and other 4 fans in the opposite direction pull the air out to keep GPU/motherboard/PSU cool. Fan controller can control the fan speed from 2500 to 4500 rpm.
【 5 USB Ports 】 It is designed for cryptocurrency mining—Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Zerocoin etc. The miner case has 5 USB ports. Please ensure that all connection interfaces are in good contact to prevent the motherboard/GPU from overheating.
【Mining rig package】 Note: Please ensure that all connection interfaces are in good contact to prevent the motherboard/GPU/PSU from overheating. Including: motherboard, CPU, power cord, 128GB SSD, 4G RAM, 2500-4500 rpm cooling fan * 8, 6 PIN cable to (6 + 2) Pin * 8pcs, screws package. The miner machine system doesn’t come with GPU.