8 GPU Mining Rig Case, Ethereum Mining Rig Complete System with 4 Powerful Cooling Fans and Mining Motherboard (Without GPU) for Crypto Mining Rig Complete ETH Miner


This product is a mining machine equipment for mining cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc., with efficient computing power

Product Features:

1. You can directly insert 8 graphics cards, plug and play, very convenient

2. The equipped fan is a strong silent fan with very low noise

3. The card slot spacing of the device is wide, which can be compatible with more than 90% of the graphics cards on the market


Chassis Size: 73 * 39 * 20 cm (28.74 * 15.35 * 7.87 in) Compared with the open-pit mining machine, this mining box saves a lot of space

Product Weight: 13 kg

GPU Card Slot Spacing: 65mm (2.56 in)

Graphics Card: supports up to 8 graphics cards (compatible with more than 90% of the models on the market such as RX580/30HX/1660S/2060S/3070/3080), and supports graphics cards with a depth of up to 340mm

Operating System: Miner OS, WIN10 64-bit (default OS system)

CPU: G1820

Memory: DDR3 4G

Solid State Drive: 128G MSATA

Power Supply Type: default 2400W mining machine dedicated power supply (support 110~240V)

Display Interface: 1*VGA
USB Back: USB*4
Hard Disk Interface: 1*SATA2.0, 1*MSATA
Mainboard Power Supply: 8*POWER_PE

The Package Includes:

1 * B75 Mining Motherboard
1 * DDR3 4G Memory
1* 128G MSATA
1* 2400W Professional Power Supply
4 * Cooling Fans
1 * Mining Rig Case


The GPU is not included in the package, so you will need to purchase and install your own GPU separately for this to work

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we will solve your problem within 24 hours. Rest assured, we will be responsible for every customer!
[Mining Rig Case]: The mining machine case is made of 1.0mm thick SGCC galvanized steel plate, which is sturdy and durable, and can fully protect your GPU and electronic equipment from damage. (chassis size: 73 * 39 * 20 cm (28.74 * 15.35 * 7.87 in) ) The chassis is equipped with 4 120MM (4.72 in) cooling fans, the speed is 5500 rpm
[8 GPU Slots]: The inside of the mining chassis can be compatible with 8 GPU expansion slots, which can support high-performance computing of 8 graphics cards. The graphics card slot spacing is 65MM (2.56 in), which accelerates air convection and improves heat dissipation. With 8 GPUs working at the same time, the performance of the mining system will be greatly improved. Note: We do not recommend mixing different types of GPUs
[Mining Motherboard]: B75 platform mining machine system dedicated motherboard, rear 2 USB 2.0 ports, 2 USB 3.0 ports, 1 VGA port, support DDR3 SO-DIMM type memory slot. (Compatible with most types of graphics cards on the market such as RX580/30HX/1660S/2060S/3070/3080) The motherboard is made of high-quality steel, reusable, and has the characteristics of low power consumption and low heat generation
[High-Power Full-Voltage Power Supply]: The power supply of this mining machine is a built-in 2400W mining machine power supply, with a rated output power of 2400W, support 110V~240V voltage
[Excellent Safety Design]: In addition to the standard vents on the back of the chassis, there are also vents on both sides near the motherboard, which can ensure better heat dissipation and prolong the life of the device. Each of its vents is polished and not sharp, so you don’t need to worry about scratching your hands when moving it, it’s very safe