8 GPU Mining Rig Frame, Mining Motherboard for Crypto Ethereum Miner, Including Barebone Motherboard, CPU, SSD, RAM, Mining Case and 4 Fans(Without GPU/PSU)



Chassis Size: 710mm*400mm*175mm (27.95″*15.75″*6.89″) Compared with open-pit mining machine, this kind of mine box saves a lot of space

Product Weight: 10KG

CPU Spacing: 65mm (2.56 inches)

Graphics Card: support 8 graphics cards, with a 65mm pitch (2.56 inches)

Operating System: hard disk WIN10 system ​64 bit

Supported Processor: G1610

Memory: DDR3 4G

Storage Hard Disk: 128G MSATA solid state

Fans: 4 5500 rpm violent turbo fans

Application: ETH Ethereum
Display interface: VGA
USB back: 2*USB2.0, 2*USB3.0
Hard disk interface: 1*SATA2.0, 1*MSATA
Network card interface: 1*LAN
Mainboard power supply: 8*POWER_PE

The package includes:

1*B85 mining machine motherboard
1*DDR3 4G memory
1*128G MSATA
4*cooling fan
8*8PIN Line
1*screw pack

Note: The power supply is not included in the package, and the power supply of the miner needs to be configured by yourself!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we will solve your problem within 24 hours. Please rest assured that we will be responsible for every customer!
[High-Quality Material] The outer box of the mining machine is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, which is strong and durable and easy to set up. This is a stable machine, very easy to set up and hardly need maintenance, making it an ideal equipment for large-scale use
[8 GPU Ports] A barebones platform with 8 graphics cards. The onboard slots are made of the highest quality high-density materials and support 8 graphics cards for high-performance computing. The card slot spacing is 65MM (2.56 inches), and sufficient air circulation space is conducive to GPU heat dissipation. With 8 GPUs working at the same time, the performance of the BTC/ETH/ETC mining system will be greatly improved
[Mining Machine Motherboard CPU] adopts dual-core processor and B75 platform mining machine dedicated motherboard, with voltage-stabilizing capacitors, no need to install transformers, it can provide a stable voltage for your electrical equipment, allowing you to enjoy the fun of mining while saving Your power consumption
[Powerful Cooling Fans] The mining machine chassis is equipped with a 4*120mm (4.72 inch) flow cooling fan, which accelerates air convection, has excellent heat dissipation performance, prolongs the life of the graphics card, and allows the GPU to maintain high-performance operation. Cooling fan: 120mm (4.72 inches), 6000 rpm. The machine may make a noise of about 65 to 75 decibels when it is working. The noise mainly comes from the cooling fan
[Note]: This package only includes mining machine case, B85 mining machine motherboard, memory stick, 128G solid state drive, 4 cooling fans (not including mining machine power supply and graphics card)