BITEO BTC T37 Mining Motherboard Support 8 GPU 3070/3080/1660/RX5700 with CPU SSD RAM Integrated Graphics Processing for ETH BTC ATX Miner


Product Description


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BITEO T37 mining motherboard

Usage suggestions
T37 motherboard is designed for mining, the platform is easy to build, the BIOS is enabled by default for mining mode, you can detect the graphics card on boot and start mining. BITEO T37 supports mDDR3 1066/1333/1600 MHZ memory, if you use Windows, it is recommended that you choose 8G memory. If you use Hive OS, it is recommended that you use 4G memory is enough. When choosing a hard drive we recommend using an mSATA drive, which is faster and more stable than traditional mechanical hard drives. Say goodbye to cable troubles. When starting the motherboard must be insulated from the motherboard, otherwise it is very easy to cause a short circuit on the motherboard, which can be destroyed!!!







Chipset thermal protection

Onboard chipset with a heatsink above to make the motherboard more stable and durable.

CPU power supply protection capacitor

CPU has three sets of protection capacitors, always guard the CPU security.

Rich on-board interfaces

4*USB2.0 interface, can simultaneously access the mouse keyboard, boot disk and wireless network card, to meet the mining use.

CPU LGA1023 1037/847 random CPU Chip HM 77 chip Memory 1 * DDR3SODIMM slot, support 1066/1333 / 1600MHz Display output integrated VGA + HDMI Network 1 *Integrated chipset for gigabit network (support network boot or PXE boot) Hard disk interface SATA III Multifunction card ITE IT8772E Expansion slot 8*PCI Express X16 Storage 1 SATA3.0 + 1 SATA2.0 + 3.3 ft SATA2.0. USB port 4*USB2.0 Dimension 18.504 x 7.677 inches Power supply type ATX24Pin

Motherboards that support 30 series GPUs Motherboards that support 30 series GPUs Cost-effective motherboards that support low-end graphics cards Semi-modular power supply, economic and efficient Full-module power supply with detachable cables for stronger power supply

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Q: Which graphics cards can be used on this motherboard?

A: Almost all mainstream GPUs can be used with this motherboard, such as RX580/RX5500 XT/RX5700/GTX1660 SUPER/GTX1660 Ti/RTX 2060 2070 3070 3080 3090, etc. When using the RTX3060, only up to 6 can be inserted.

Q: Why does my motherboard reboot or fail to boot frequently?

A: Prioritize CPU nacelle pin problems. First of all, check whether there is any damage to the CPU nest pins, we suggest you take pictures of the CPU nest in all directions to help you confirm.

Q: Why does my mining machine blue screen/dead/won’t turn on after running for a long time?

A: It may be a CPU dark disease or memory dark disease. Recommend replacing CPU or memory.

Q: After I finished installing all the accessories, there is no screen on the power-on monitor.

A: 1. Check whether there is a problem with the monitor connection cable.

2. Check if there is a problem with the monitor connection.

3. Check if there is a problem with the motherboard connection.

Q: My motherboard does not detect the hard drive.

A: Our motherboard is the default to open mining mode, you need to manually adjust the BIOS, the specific setting method is as follows.

1. Boot the motherboard without connecting the system disk and press the Esc key at the same time.

2. In the BIOS interface re-select “ADvanced” → select “CSM Conf iguration” → select “CSM Support” Change “disabled” to “Enabled”, save and reboot.

If you encounter the situation that the motherboard cannot be used, according to the above recommended solutions, more than 95% of the problems can be well solved. If there are the above problems and according to the proposed solution can not be solved, you can contact our service team at any time by email, 7/24 hours online, only to provide you with quality after-sales service

Highly Compatible ▷▶The motherboard supports Nvidia/AMD graphics cards, supports 30 series graphics cards, when using 30 series graphics cards, for the maximum efficiency of mining, we recommend installing less than 6.
High Efficiency ▷ ▶ The motherboard BIOS enables mining mode by default, and in Hive OS mode, you can automatically perform graphics card recognition when booting up and start mining.
Rich Configuration ▷▶T37 motherboard is equipped with 1037/847 random CPU,integrated graphics with CPU cooler, 1 * DDR3 SODIMM slot with 1066/1333/1600MHz support, and 8 graphics slots. 1 * SATA3.0 / 1 * SATA2.0 / 1 * m SATA2.0 .
Safe And Reliable ▷ ▶ CPU, onboard chipset, CPU cooler all use a stable low-power combination, our motherboard has voltage stabilizing capacitors that can provide stable voltage for your electrical devices. Ensure your gains are stable and long-lasting.
Package List ▷▶T37 motherboard *1, 8GRAM*1,128GmSATA*1,motherboard switch cable *1. You receive the motherboard and find any problems, no need to rush to return it, we have a professional after-sales team to solve for you.