CONDOLD Steel Bitcoin Wallet Set including Cryptocurrency Seed Storage & 36 Pieces Number & Capital Letter Steel Metal Stamping Too(l1/8inches/3mm) with Uniquely Labeled and Button Fit for Imprinting Private Keys Supports up to 24 Words for Storing Bitcoin, Ethereum, ERC20 and More…


Product Description

Applicable to All Cold Wallet Used In The BIP39 Word List: fill in the first four letters of the word to store the vocabulary. This Seed Safe Digital Wallet is very suitable for storing your private encrypted currency information or any situation that may require a private cold storage system.
Indestructible Bitcoin Wallet: customized aluminum cryptocurrency seed storage is waterproof, corrosion-resistant,flame-retardant and indestructible. Compared with mnemonic metal key, it is lighter and has clearer carvings.
Fitting Button That Is Easy To Disassemble and Assemble: The button on the cold wallet is tailor-made, and it fits perfectly with the aluminum sheet and is very strong. When both buttons are fastened, they may need to be lifted with the help of tools, which can be disassembled repeatedly Installation applicable.
Safety Uniquely Labeled : each product is equipped with 4 anti-tear stickers, which are pasted on both sides of the Indestructible Cold Wallet, which can be easily found when someone opens it to avoid loss; the extra two tamper-proof stickers can be used as a spare. Both Engraving and Punch Are Applicable: with letter and digital punch, your key can be printed on the cryptocurrency steel wallet very well and neatly. It can also be done with an engraving pen, but gaps need to be considered.
36Pcs Steel Metal Stamp Set: contains 9个(0-9) numbers(“6” and “9” use the same stamp) , 26(A-Z) uppercase English letters and an additional symbol, suitable for better for permanently marking steel, Brass, Plastic, Leather, Paper, Aluminum, Silver and Stainless steel Etc.This seed storage compatible with Trezor One, Ledger Nano S and KeepKey hardware wallet.