Cryptnox Hardware Wallet Smartcard: Very High Security Cold Storage Solution for Cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, Ethereum, NFTs & Many More Coins. User Friendly with WalletConnect


Product Description

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Cryptnox BG-1 Blockchain Hardware Wallet

Our mission is focused on developing back-end advanced functionalities in order to enable the best user-friendly experience along with solving the problems of private key management, authentication, identification, and transactions traceability.

cryptnox bg1 nfc wallet key cardcryptnox bg1 nfc wallet key card

Main Card Features:

CloudHSM Key Backup

Key backup on CloudHSM protects your encryption keys with hardware security modules. All communication with HSM is encrypted end-to-end.

Python3 CLI Client

This hardware wallet smartcard is easy and convenient to use! Python3 CLI client for Windows, MacOS, and Linux Ubuntu (including Ubuntu Core 20)

Card Authentication with:

Windows Hello Biometrics (TPM), IOS with Biometrics (Secure Enclave), Yubikey Products with Personal Identity Verification Functionality ((NIST 800-73-4)), and Pin

Genuine check with On-Card Dynamic Active Authentication with Manufacturer CC Backup in CloudHSM based (FIPS 140-2) Key Mangement Service and Secret Manager from AWS BIP32 & SLIP10 Key Derivation fully On-Card (no Parity Recovery needed) and Digital Signature

Data Protection

Data Exchanges are fully protected within AES 256 bits Secure Tunnel, with MAC for integrity and authentication.

Backup Solutions

CloudHSM based (FIPS 140-2) Key Management Service and Secret Manager from AWS, and Standard 12/24 Words (BIP 39)

CC EAL6+ Chipset

This card is Common Criteria EAL6+. It means this product is compliant with the international standard for computer security.

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Download App on App Store

Monitor your wallet easily by downloading the Cryptnox app on App Store. Just scan the card and viola! You can then check your assets real time.

WalletConnect Compatible

Compatible with WalletConnect which enables your wallet to easily connect to and interact with decentralized web applications, from your phone.

Windows Hello Integration

Cryptnox integrates with Windows Hello that provides high security and user convenience. Solve the credential theft and sharing problems now!

NFC and Contact

This SmartCard can transfer data between devices that are physically close to each other without the need for power or an internet connection.

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Cryptnox AboutCryptnox About

WalletConnect Compatible: WalletConnect is a protocol to interact with Dapp. This feature enables your wallet to easily connect to and interact with decentralized web applications, from your phone with QR code scanning or deep linking
Cryptnox IOS App: download “Cryptnox Wallet” on AppStore and install to your iPhone or iPad to activate card. This app is a companion application for Cryptnox cards administration and usage
Contactless Transfer through NFC: the smart card can transfer data between devices physically close to each other without a need for external power. Standard: ISO/CEI 14443. Frequency range: 13.56 Mhz
Secure Seed Backup and Recovery: use AWS CloudHSM together with IOS app “Cryptnox Wallet” for 12 words seed backup. Seed is compatible with Trezor and Ledger format (BIP39)
Secure Authentication: as an alternative to pin, pair card with Windows Hello or your Iphone and used operating system biometrics for authentication. This feature adds protection to your data against potential breaches and theft
Common Criteria EAL6+ Certified Chipset: smartcard’s secure element is certified EAL 6+ (Evaluation Assurance Level) and is compliant with corresponding security standards
Downloadable User Manual: The complete instructions on how to use our Cryptnox SmartCard is downloadable and can be found below. Please contact Cryptnox support if you encounter issues.