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Product Description

Cryptochips LogoCryptochips Logo

Creative Merch For Crypto Enthusiasts

Ethereum (ETH) Moon Money is designed to look and feel like something from the future while utilizing the latest NFC technology. Easily customize your Moon Money how you see fit.

Designed by Cryptochips in Seattle, WA

Ethereum Moon MoneyEthereum Moon Money

Moon Money Information

Moon Money Information

Moon Money Measurements

Moon Money Measurements

Dogecoin Addon

Dogecoin Addon

Futuristic Technology

Each Moon Money has a programmable 144kb data chip inside.

Designed To Last

Super strong materials and water/fade resistance make Moon Money incredibly durable.

Doge Dollar Gift

Orders will include our popular Doge Dollar Vinyl sticker.

Moon Money Use Cases

Moon Money Use Case 1

Moon Money Use Case 1

Moon Money Use Case 2

Moon Money Use Case 2

Moon Money Use Case 3

Moon Money Use Case 3

Moon Money Use Case 4

Moon Money Use Case 4

Cold Storage Wallet

Protect yourself from hackers by safely storing your public and private key offline.

Crypto Gift Card

Create your own crypto gift card by storing your favorite crypto mixer’s withdrawal note within your moon money.

Private Messages

Display a note up to 150 characters. Have full control over what you would like the private message to say.

Launch A Website

Launch your favorite website when coming in contact with the Moon Money.

Common Questions

Q: How do I write data to my Moon Money?

A: Download NFC Tools (over 2,500 five star reviews) from Apple or Google play store. App will be used to read, write, and format device.

Q: After tapping the NFC Chip what happens?

A: Users have the optional ability to customize the automatic actions that is performed upon scanning chip.* Example 1: Upon scanning chip, launch a website Example 2: Upon scanning chip, display a note (can serve as your cold storage wallet and output your private key) Example 3: Upon scanning chip, have it launch a phone application)

*NFC must be enabled on the phone to be able to scan otherwise app “NFC Tools” will be needed to read data.

Q: Do Moon Money have any value?

A: Moon Money does not have any physical or digital value and is meant for novelty purposes only.

Designed by Cryptochips in Seattle, WA. A group of crypto enthusiasts dedicated to bring you the highest quality, most innovative crypto merch on the market.
144kb of programmable data housed within our custom material designed to be untearable, fadeless, and water resistant.
No Batteries Needed – The electromagnetic field produced by your phone will both power and send/receive data upon contact of Moon Money.
Control To The User – Data chips used are set as read/write. Users have the ability to change security, format and/or lock the chip.
Ethereum Moon Money is the perfect gift for any cryptocurrency currency enthusiast!