Deeper Connect Pico – Unlimited Smart VPN Router/Miner with Life Time | Ad Blocking | Work from Home | Hardware Firewall | Internet Security | Internet Parent Control | IoT Protection


World’s first Decentralized VPN (DPN) Service for Life: Deeper Connect is a technological hybrid device designed to give your home, or small business network, topnotch online privacy and security and a passive income. It is lifetime high-speed DPN for the entire network. No need to pay for a separate VPN service. Just link your Deeper Connect between your ISP modem and a WiFi router. Cybersecurity: Get guaranteed network protection on all your devices and stop invasive data collection, by enabling this DPN in your private network. Protect your network from cyber threats such as malware, ransomware, phishing, and many more in real-time. Protect your IoT devices from threats posed by cybercriminals. Smart Routing: Deeper Connect integrates a smart route function capable of establishing up to 16 tunnels to other Deeper Connect devices all over the world switching routes according to users’ habits, yet users have the option to set their own routes. Users will have the option to access their favorite shows on platforms like Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, and YouTube with amazing privacy and security as well as mine DPR. Compatibility: The Deeper Connect is compatible with all home devices such as laptops, mobile phones, and tablets. With some devices, a port forwarding/configuration may be required before use. In case you experience problems with PPPoE/Static IP environment, domain backlisting, or port-forwarding, contact us. Parental Control: Parenting is a great responsibility and it doesn’t come without challenges. Our Parental Control function ensures your kids are protected and not expose to adult or violent content when they are on the Internet. THIS IS NON REFUNDABLE ONCE YOU ORDER THE PRODUCT. IF YOU RETURN YOUR PRODUCT YOU WILL BE CHARGED A 95% RESTOCKING FEE.
Stay private, stay secure and stay paid– On the go! Deeper Connect Pico is an energy efficient cryptocurrency miner. This device is virtually silent and extremely portable.
Blockchain-powered device that provides an all-in-one solution that is true internet freedom with enhanced security with a frictionless user experience.
Free Lifetime access to the Deeper Network Decentralized VPN. Decentralized Private Network is a P2P decentralized bandwidth sharing network for ensuring privacy.
Deeper Network provides the foundational infrastructure services for Web 3.0 with Deeper’s decentralized CDN. CDN accelerates the web browsing experience by caching content in the cloud. Decentralized CDN allows faster edge access to cached content.
A more secure, private and fairer internet for everyone. Better than a litecoin miner, mxc miner, rak miners, kd box miners, helium miners, and more. The easiest passive income crypto miner!
Free WIFI adapter included with purchase. Connect to the dVPN wirelessly, anywhere in the world!