Jinwei 5 GPU Mining Rig Case, Ethereum Mining Rig Complete System with 4 Powerful Cooling Fans and Mining Motherboard (Without GPU) for Crypto Mining Rig Complete ETH Miner, Black


Features:1 The spacing between the graphics card slots inside the miner is 65mm, which is compatible with more than 95% of the types of graphics cards on the market2 The mining case is made of black alloy, which is strong and durable, resistant to blows, wear-resistant, and can be used for a long timeSpecification:Chassis Size: 54 * 20 * 17cm (2126 * 787 * 669 inches)Product Weight: 8 kgGPU Card Slot Spacing: 65mm (256 in)Graphics Card: supports up to 5 graphics cards (compatible with more than 95% of the models on the market such as RX580/30HX/1660S/2060S/3060/3070/30803090/etc), supports graphics cards within 340mm depthOperating System: Miner OS, WIN10 64-bit (default OS system)Supported CPU Type: Support Intel XEON E5-26XX LGA2011V1/V2 series processorsSupported Memory Type: support 1*DDR3 ECC/normal desktop 1066/1333/1600/1866MHz memoryInterface Details:Storage Interface: 1*SATA20+1*mSATA20 hard disk interfaceUSB Interface: 2*USB20+1*Front USB20 pinDisplay Interface: 1*VGA AST2400Network Card Interface: 100M network card interfacePSU Power Supply Interface: 5*6Pin DC12V input + 5*6Pin DC 12V outputThe Package Includes:1 * ETH-X79 Mining Motherboard1 * ETH-X79 Mining Rig CaseNotice:The package only contains the mining chassis and motherboard, and no other accessories You need to purchase and install the hard disk, memory, GPU, power supply, cables and other accessories separately, so that the device can run normally
[Mining Rig Case]: The mining machine case is made of 1.0mm thick SGCC galvanized steel plate, which is sturdy and durable, and can fully protect your GPU and electronic equipment from damage. (chassis size: 54 * 20 * 17cm (21.26 * 7.87 * 6.69 inches) ) The chassis is equipped with 4 120MM (4.72 inches) cooling fans, the speed is 5500 rpm
[Mining Motherboard]: The X79 mining machine motherboard is a special motherboard CPU set for mining machines (35*18 cm (13.78*7.09 in)), with 2 USB 2.0 ports at the rear, 1*DDR3 RDIMM/UDIMM memory slot, Support 1066/1333/1600/1866MHz. (Compatible with more than 95% of graphics cards on the market)
[Maximum Support of 5 GPUs]: The inside of the miner is compatible with 5 GPU expansion slots, which can support high-performance computing with 8 graphics cards. The graphics card slot spacing is 65MM (2.56 inches), which accelerates air convection and improves heat dissipation. With 5 GPUs working at the same time, the performance of the mining system will be greatly improved. Note: We do not recommend mixing different types of GPUs
[Excellent Safety Design]: There are a large number of vents on the front and rear of the chassis, which can ensure better heat dissipation and prolong the life of the equipment. Each of its vents is polished and not sharp, so you don’t need to worry about scratching your hands when moving it, it’s very safe
[Note]: The package only contains the chassis and motherboard, and does not contain accessories such as hard drives, power supplies, memory, cables, etc. Please purchase with caution! If you have any questions in the purchase and use, please contact us in time, we are very happy to answer your questions