KENARK KK7 Plus-BK Elegant Faraday Box with 2 Slots, Faraday Key Fob Protecting Box, Car Key Shielding Box, Smart Phone Signal Blocking Box Anti GPS Tracking Box Anti-Theft Car Key Box(Black & Brown)


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THEORY FOR SIGNAL BLOCKING: Working as theory of the limitation for the eletromagnetic wave signal transmission by high density multi metals coated mesh cover which has pretty high electrical conductivity,combined the super sealed mechanical design, the special structured shielding space can effectively limit the transmission of eletromagnetic wave signal from emission source to receiving end.(Shielding eletromagnetic wave signal from 30MHz to 18GHz, up to 33dBm transmission power)
BUY ONE FIT ALL: KENARK Faraday box can directly block car key signal inside of it to guard our vehicle; and to be an invisible shield for smart phone, which can effectively prevent GPS tracking by hacker, and anti-disturb from phone call by cellular signal when we want to be relax; to protect our health especially pregnant woman from smartphone radiation as well; more over, it’s very helpful for avoiding credit cards fraud or cloned
TOP LEVEL MATERIALS+CRAFTSMANSHIP : Superb protein leather and velvet cloth providing sheepskin level equisite texture and nice touch feeling, sturdy engineering wooden board combined with built in 8 strong magnets, over 30 procedures of hand-made including every stitch are all based on our pursuing on the details improvement
LUXURY AND MODERN DESIGN: The Italian designer integrated the western fashion design concept combined the shine of finest protein leather and the matt of nice and soft flocking fabric, meticulously tuned color based on the noble and modest characters of car lovers to creat the fantastic KENARK faraday box