LUCBIT CRYPTO 8 Card Graphic Card Mining Rig Frame 8 Fans Mining Rig Case with 110V PSU and B85 Motherboard for ETH/ZEC Mining Cryptocurrency System Machine


Product Description

Mining caseMining case


Mining Power SupplyMining Power Supply


PROFESSIONAL MINER PSU – equipped with 2000W PSU, dedicated to mining drilling rig, with conversion efficiency up to 90% (unable to work under 110V household voltage).
APPLICATION MODEL – there can be 8 graphics cards hick steel case limits the damage of internal components. The mining box supports 8, which is applicable to AMD’s full range of graphics cards, nvdia: 16 / 20 / 30 series (except 3060)
8GPU MINING EQUIPMENT (WITHOUT GPU) – the mining equipment is designed from the ground and uses four powerful cooling fans to keep the GPU cool without worrying about heat dissipation.
SUPER HEAT DISSIPATION – the mine computer case is equipped with 8 heat dissipation fans. Sufficient air volume, quiet enjoyment, escort your graphics card.
PACKAGE CONTENT – our 8 GPU mining equipment framework includes 2000W mining power supply, Intel B85 motherboard, CPU 2030, 128GB SSD, 4G ram, 2500-4500 RPM cooling fan * 8, screw assembly.