NVORJO ATX Power Supply Mining 2000W with EMC Anti-Electromagnetic Interference, 100V-240V Full Voltage Modular Miner PSU is Equipped with Auto-Thermally Controlled Fan Supports 8 GPU Mining Rig


This product is a 2000W ATX full-voltage single-channel power supply, dedicated to mining equipment for mining Bitcoin cryptocurrency

Specification Details:

Power Supply Model: LX2000W single channel 4U full voltage power supply

Power Supply Size: 16.5*15*8 cm (6.5*5.9*3.15 inches)

Package Size: 25.6*19.7*11.8 cm (10.08*7.76*4.65 inches)

Net Weight of Power Supply: 1.75kg

Packing Weight: 1.95kg

Rated Total Power: 2000W

Maximum Total Power: 1992W

Voltage Standard: 110V~264V

DC Output: +12V

Wire Configuration: 6PIN pure copper cable*10 (for motherboard/graphics card power supply)

Standard: Can support up to 8 GPUs running at the same time

Applicable CPU Range: AMD

Packing List:

2000W Single-Channel Full-Voltage Mining Machine Power Supply*1

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[Silent Fan with Intelligent Temperature Control]: The power supply has a large ultra-quiet fan, providing large air volume, intelligent temperature control design, and can significantly reduce the CPU temperature, providing a stronger cooling effect for the device
[Active PFC Power Supply]: Built-in PFC, high suburban rate, low continuous wave, input voltage can be from 110V to 264V, while ordinary passive PFC power supply will not work when the voltage is low, the conversion efficiency of active PFC power supply is as high as More than 90%, high efficiency and energy saving, very stable performance, this power supply is more suitable for Bitcoin GPU mining
[Safe and Quiet]: Compared with ordinary mining power supply, it has less sound and electrical noise, lower power consumption, prevents overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, overload, short current and other problems, and the performance is very stable. It is designed for cryptocurrency mining – Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Zerocoin, etc. This is a must-have required to mine any other cryptocurrency
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