Plush Pocket Notebook with Alphabetical Tabs, Sturdy Vegan Leather Hardcover and Premium Paper. Easily Store and Access to Passwords, Addresses, Phone Numbers, Notes and More. Customizable Blank Lined Pages Allow for Multiple Uses in Work & Life (4 x 5.5 in)


Product Description

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Move from “Being told by the Pre-Printed Titles in a Rigid Password Address Book” to “Being the Master of Your own Data”

Notebook with the Data Prompter Book Mark Front and Back ViewNotebook with the Data Prompter Book Mark Front and Back View

Innovative Intuitive Tool – a Data Prompter Bookmark with 2 Colorful Ribbons to customize the entries per your own needs.

A “Data Prompter” Bookmark gives you suggestions what relevant details to capture without limiting your personal freedom to use your own format.

It transforms a conventional password and address book into a Flexible Versatile Notebook for addresses, important anniversaries, birthdays, internet data, bank information, business contacts…

Although you have to write a bit more, you record what suits you and how you would like to structure the content.

The pre-printed pages of conventional notebooks waste useful space and limit details to e.g. websites, user names, passwords, etc.

Compact (4”x5.5”), Elegant but Discreet

Dimensions of the Notebook: 5.5 inches x 4 inchesDimensions of the Notebook: 5.5 inches x 4 inches

A Handy (4” x 5.5″) Pocket Size Notebook – a Good Disguise to Keep from the Prying Eyes, Easy to Carry and Store.

All in One Password and Private Data Book – My Butler Data Keeper created with Durable Materials & Good Craftsmanship,

offers 3 elegant colors from vibrant pink, calming blue to olive gray for all the people who want to enjoy Effortless Living

and take control of their Key Data for both Work & Life in the Digital & Offline World.

Good Quality with High Aesthetic Value in Design, Material and Making

128 Sturdy Pages, Reinforced Tabs, Extra 8 Pages for the Special Information128 Sturdy Pages, Reinforced Tabs, Extra 8 Pages for the Special Information

Details Count – 14 Big Alphabetical Tabs, Reinforced with Protect Foils

Thought-Through Details make it Your Trusted Butler for Data:

Sturdy and Smooth Cover with excellent binding128 lined heavy duty writing pages offers abundant room to pencil in14 big alphabetical tabs including one special tab for the important informationA deep storage pocket with with thick 180 g envelop paper A penholder comes handyElastics Closure to secure the notebook 16 extra pages for note taking

Small Sturdy Notebook gives you Instant Access to Personal Data

Password and Address Book in front of a desktop computerPassword and Address Book in front of a desktop computer

Your Pocket Size “Butler” Looks After Your Private Data and Passwords

All in One Data Keeper to store account & website login details, access codes, emergency numbers, addresses etc. in one place.

Create Effortless Living and Freedom

A working lady is taking notesA working lady is taking notes

A Companion to Support You Anywhere & Any Time

Master the Data for Your Digital & Daily life.

Our pledge is to design & manufacture high quality products that add value whilst having high aesthetic appeal.

A Unique Notebook with Heart and Soul is Waiting for you to Fill in With Life and Energy

the back cover of the pink notebookthe back cover of the pink notebook

Perfect Gift for Amazing You and Your Beloved Ones!

This small book keeps vital information at your fingertips anytime, anywhere.

[REMARKABLE RESULTS!] Reinforced 14 alphabetical tabs(A-Z), each two tabs share 8 pages including one special category and 16 extra pages help you to organize dog records effectively with fast access to the information
[A FRESH APPROACH!] Unique Design, 128 blank heavy lined pages without pre-printed template, it gives you freedom to write down all the information you need without missing out any important details.
[HIGH-PERFORMANCE!] Pocket Size (4 x 5.5 in) with sturdy hardcover that fits your dynamic fast-moving work so well. Use the best tool.
[OUSTANDING!] Thought Through Details: pen loop, elastic closure, back pocket, two silk ribbon bookmarks help you to take notes and retrieve information anytime anywhere – Effortlessly
[EXCLUSIVE!] Premium Vegan Leather to make you feel good, you can rest assured that no animals were harmed when making the product. A notebook made with purpose.