S8-8″ Outlet – Crypto Miner Silencer & Cooling Kit for L7, D7, S19, S19pro, S17, Apollo V1 and KD5


S8-8″ (8″ Outlet) ASIC Miner Silencing Kit: This is a complete kit…. Everything you will need BUT the Blower / Fan.
This kit fits AC Infinity S8 blower sold here on Amazon, just search for “AC Infinity S8”.  
They will work the following Bitmain Miners: D7, L7, S19j Pro, S19 Pro, S19, KD5, LT5 & the new S19 XP.
All you do is remove the existing fans, and plug in the four 4 Pin Fan Spoofers (Included!) on the AISC’s control board where the original fans would normally plug in. You mount the adaptors to the existing fan locations where the fan’s would normally mount with the screws we provide and clamp the 800 CFM blower to the bottom flange (as shown in the photos).
One – ABS S8 Inlet adaptor (Connects directly to the AC Infinity Blower and your ASIC)
One – ABS 8″ Outlet adaptor (Connects to the Discharge Side of your ASIC)
One – Stainless Steel 8″ Clamp (To attach the S8 Adaptor to the AC Infinity Blower)
Sixteen – M8 x 12mm Screws (To mount both adaptors where the original fans mounted)
Four – 4 Pin (In-line) Fan Emulators (Plugs in where the original fans did)
Installation Instructions
Super Quiet
Easy to Install
Optional: Mounts Vertically
Everything you need but the Blower (Sold Seperately)
Fits Bitmain S19pro, S19, L7, D7 and many more