Samadhi Wallet: Crypto Wallet Cold Storage Backup – Indesctructable Steel Vault for Seed phrase compatible with all hardware wallets to protect Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies from fire and water


Samadhi Wallet: Crypto Wallet Backup. Steel Storage for Seed phrase compatible with all hardware wallets and cryptocurrencies. Indestructible to protect your most valuable assets from fire, water, and the elements. Must have for Bitcoin cold storage.
Easy to setup: our premium, metal stamps letters are clear and bold, simply slide into slot and lock in place.
Safe: Don’t leave your assets at risk on paper. By storing permanently in metal you’ll sleep at ease knowing your crypto is seed is stored on indestructible metal in case of fire, flood, or any potential damage.
Universal: works with all wallets using BIP39 from Trezor, Ledger, Keepkey, etc. to store all your crypto from Bitcoin, Etherium, and onwards.