Spotminer Hotspot 5.8 DBI Antenna 915 Helium Hotspot Miner for Data Mining Crypto – with Low Loss 400 Coaxial Cable & Extra Long 5.8 HNT Antenna – Crypto Mining Accessories, Increase Your Earnings


Miner Helium HotSpot Antenna System by SpotMiner Immediately boost earnings and mine HNT cryptocurrency fast. This high performance hotspot provides wireless network coverage to the Helium network, also called the People’s Network, the world’s largest and fastest-growing global wireless network that’s owned and operated by the people. Engineered with a dynamic combination of outdoor antenna and low-loss cable, this efficient at-home miner machine is the number 1 way to increase your HNT earnings. Our unique antenna system provides the highest return on your investment when it comes to upgrading your Helium hotspot. Antenna System Includes: 5.8 DBI (31.8 Inches) SpotMiner Antenna for Increased Signal and HNT Earnings Heavy-Duty Low-Loss 400 Coaxial Cable For Boosting Witnesses Universal Antenna Clamp Center-tuned to a narrower frequency band of 902 – 928Mhz, our antenna effectively eliminates outside frequencies that may interfere with the crypto miner, helping you to maximize your HNT rewards. Additionally, the device offers long distance range up to 52km for increased witnessing and more rewards. Packaged in a ready-to-use and instantly consumer-friendly design, enjoy fast and simple installation so you can get max earnings form Day 1 with SpotMiner.
EASY TO INSTALL – With its easy Helium network setup you can connect to a vast crypto-powered distributed network of long-range wireless hotspots and use your SpotMiner helium miner to mine HNT efficiently.
COAXIAL CABLE & DBI ANTENNA – The SpotMiner helium hotspot antenna system includes an 31.8 Inch 5.8 DBI outdoor antenna and low-loss 400 coaxial cable to connect you to The People’s Network within minutes, boosting your earnings.
NARROW TUNED FOR MAX EARNING – Compatible with all US915 hotspot helium miners, the enhanced signal outdoor antennas have been “center tuned” for a narrower frequency (902-928Mhz), eliminating interfering frequencies and maximizing your earnings.
OPTIMALLY SIZED – Boosted signal transmission offers boosted rewards. The extra length 31.8” 5.8DBI antenna on the SpotMiner helium hotspot crypto miner offers increased signal communication, helping you to earn more HNT.