SUOHUI Complete GPU Mining Rig Open-air Crypto Miner for Ethereum Mining Prebuilt 8 Slots Mining Motherboard,1800W PSU,4 Cooling Fans, 8GB RAM,128GB SSD, Win10 OS(Excluding GPU/1 Layer Miner)…


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SUOHUI Crypto Mining RigSUOHUI Crypto Mining Rig

crypto mining rig crypto mining rig

After receiving the miner, do I need to install it myself?

SUOHUI miner comes pre-installed with all mining hardware (excluding GPU), so you don’t need to install it yourself. When we assemble electronic products, there will always be product defect rates. To reduce the failure rate and ensure product quality, we only use the high quality hardware passed. Thus you do not need to spend time assembling, but start the device in minutes.

Dose this miner support Nicehash?

Yes. it supports Nicehash as well as all other popupar mining pool platforms.

What should I do to set up the miner correctly?

1. First, make sure that the power cable and VGA cable are connected correctly. Plug in the GPUs, install the driver and start the device.

2. Windows users don’t need to set the BIOS but boot it directly. Hive os or other operating system users need to change the BIOS settings according(For the specific setting method, please refer to the official website of the relevant system. )

How to enter the BIOS?

After booting up and then press DELETE

What kind of power supply does the miner use?

Inbuild 1800W full-voltage psu 110V-264V. Customers can use it flexibly according to the different power costs.

Why it has to be a professional mining power supply?

Firstly, it’s easier to power to mobo and cards separately. Prevent long-term high-load operation from damaging GPUs and motherboards. Secondly, with 10 long-line power cables directly connect to each card, avoid to burn out the GPUs when there is bad contact caused adapter cable. To provide the best security for your mining.

【Professionally Installed and Test 】 This stackable miner is sturdy and durable with high-quality steel.Unique bottom plate not only for dust-proof and moisture-proof but also accelerate air convection and enhance heat dissipation. Fully protection for your GPUs and mining hardware.
【8 GPU Mining Motherboard 】 Professional mining motherboard, designed for cryptocurrency mining. 8 NVIDIA or AMD graphics cards can be mixed use without additional GPU risers. 65mm spacing slot perfectly fits most GPUs and achieves high heat dissipation. Ensure better performance of GPU mining.
【1800W Full Voltage Power Supply】 4U industrial control power supply, designed for GPU mining. The stable output of 1800W high power and conversion up to 90%. Available at 110V and 220V. 10 long-line power connection cables directly connect to the motherboard and GPUs. Reduce power loss and extend service life.
【Ultra-quiet Controllable Cooling Fans】The mining machine has installed 4*4500 RPM silent GPU cooling fans and a fan speed controller. Controllable win speed allows accelerating airflow flexibility for optimal cooling. The professional mute design lets you easily enjoy the fun of mining at home.
【Warmly Notes】: After receiving the miner, you need to connect the VGA to the monitor properly. Please ensure the overall output won’t exceed 1600W(110V) and 1800W(220V). For technical support or other questions, please contact us. We will strive to answer you within 24H.