SUOHUI GPU Mining Rig Case for ETC AE Beam CFX ERG RVN SERO GRIN Crypto Miner Complete Mining System with 8 GPU Mining Motherboard, PSU, Cooling Fans, RAM, SSD, CPU(Excluding GPUs) -Black


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SUOHUI mining rigSUOHUI mining rig

SUOHUI mining rig minerSUOHUI mining rig miner

SUOHUI Complete GPU Mining Rig

After receiving the miner, do I need to install it myself?

SUOHUI miner comes pre-installed with all mining hardware (excluding GPU), so you don’t need to install it yourself. When we assemble electronic products, there will always be product defect rates. To reduce the failure rate and ensure product quality, we only use the hardware passed through a quality inspection and then installed by professionals. Thus you do not need to spend time assembling, but start the device in minutes.

Dose this miner support Nicehash?

Yes. it supports Nicehash as well as all other popupar mining pool platforms.

What should I do to set up the miner correctly?

1. First, make sure that the power cable and VGA cable are connected correctly. Plug in the GPUs, install the driver and start the device.

2. Windows users don’t need to set the BIOS but boot it directly. Hive os or other operating system users need to change the BIOS settings according(For the specific setting method, please refer to the official website of the relevant system. )

How to enter the BIOS?

After booting up and then press DELETE

What kind of power supply does the miner use?

Inbuild 1800W full-voltage psu 110V-264V. Customers can use it flexibly according to the different power costs.

Why it has to be a professional mining power supply?

Firstly, it’s easier to power to mobo and cards separately. Prevent long-term high-load operation from damaging GPUs and motherboards. Secondly, with 10 long-line power cables directly connect to each card, avoid to burn out the GPUs when there is bad contact caused adapter cable. To provide the best security for your mining.

◀ Complete Installation, Start in Minutes: This GPU miner has installed high-quality mining hardware (without GPU) and Win10 English version operating system (not activated). It also supports Hiveos, Linux OS. Easy to set up that you only need to install GPUs and drivers for quickly mining!
◀ Ultra-quiet Mining Power Supply: Built-in 4U 1800W full-voltage power supply, 110V-220V universal output to meet the use of different voltage environments. Professional noise canceling design, truly realize home mining without noise interference.
◀ 8 Controllable Cooling Fans: With each 4 cooling fans installed on the front and rear, the mining case fully allows the cold air in and hot air out to create the ultimate cooling effect. With a fan regulator, it can intelligently adjust the wind speed and keep the GPU running at high performance constantly.
◀ High-quality Mining Sever Case: The mining rig adapted sturdy and durable steel material to protect the GPU and electronic accessories. High quality and low maintenance can effectively improve your mining efficiency and save your cost, which is an ideal rig for mass scaling
◀ SUOHUI GPU mining rig case complete system supports mining cryptocurrency like Ethereum Classic ETC/ETH/Flux/Render Network/Akash Network/XRP and other POW tokens. This GPU miner comes with an 8 GPU mining motherboard, 1800W PSU, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD, CPU(Excluding GPU ).
◀Customer Support in 24H: We care about customers and value your time. Our after-sale team strive to answer your questions in quick response. For any questions, please feel free to contact us.