Titanium Armor Crypto Seed Storage Wallet Metal Punch Engraving Titanium Plate for Mnemonic Phrase Seed Backup Compatible w Ledger Nano X, Ledger S, Trezor, SafePal, All BIP39 Hardware Crypto Wallet


Storing your Secret Phrases on Paper is Dangerous, Backup your secret seed on to one of the Strongest and Most Durable Metals on Earth, Titanium! Indestructible 2mm Titanium Armor will Encase your Seed Phrases Safely for Years and even Decades There are many places a Titanium Crypto Cold Storage Wallet can be Stored, Hidden or Buried because of the Strength and Unrivaled Corrosion Resistance of Titanium. They could be fixed on or inside walls, furniture, buried like a time capsule under a rock wall You could use the Blank side of the Titanium Wallet to Beautifully Engrave or Artfully Anodized them to be displayed and yet hiding the Keys to your Cryptocurrencies behind Backing up your Private Keys on Titanium Crypto Hardware Wallet is Not a Chore But an Opportunity for Peace of Mind in an Uncertain and Chaotic World Do not allow your Cryptos to become Lost or Inaccessible. Protect Your CryptoWealth and your money with the Best Backup Cold Storage Crypto Wallet Why Do You Need to Backup Your Wallet Mnemonic Phrases? The Private Key Phrases are your Keys to your Crypto Kingdom! Your Coins and Tokens. Lose Your Keys Lose Your Money! A Electronic Hardware Wallet CEO said the Most Common Issue was that Users did not Backup their Wallet Seed Phrases! Second was that many users Backup their Seed Keys on a piece of paper which later Got Lost or Damaged The Wallet company found that 90% of Lost Funds were Due to Users Own Mistakes, 25% of Users did not know the Seed Phrases were important, 40% expected the Wallet Company could Retrieve their Funds. 15% mixed up their Passphrases with Passwords Your Crypto Coins can be Worth Millions But Without the Secret Phrase Keys, You Can Never Access Them. Ensure your Wealth with Titanium Armor!