Valiant Power Rack Mount PDU | 240v 30amp L6-30p (6 C13) | Crypto Mining PDU | Data Center | 19inch Standard | Antminer S19, S19 Pro, L3+, S17 | 3yr Warranty | Power Strip


Mining PDU | Antminer
3 year warranty
20,000 Volt surge protection
Single phase PDU: safe, reliable power distribution unit delivers 200/208/240V single-phase AC power to multiple loads from a utility outlet, generator or UPS system in a high-density it environment. Ideal no-frills basic PDU for networking, telecom, crypto mining, security, PDU networking, and audio/video applications
6 outlet power distribution: The PDU features 6 total outlets rear C13. The NEMA L6-30P input Plug with long 6-foot (2 M) cord connects to your facility’s compatible AC power source, generator or protected ups to distribute power to connected equipment. Pdu offers 208/240 volts AC, 30a maximum input current
Switchless design: the switchless design prevents an accidental shutdown, which could lead to costly downtime. Built-in circuit breakers protect connected equipment from dangerous overloads
1U metal Housing: reversible all-metal housing faces front or rear in rack. Power distribution unit mounts horizontally in 1U of EIA-standard 19 in. 2- and 4-post racks, as well as on a wall or workbench or under a counter. Also known as – PDU power strip, power distribution unit rack mount, basic rack PDU, PDU 30a, rack mount PDU and power distribution unit 19 rack mount