VTRETU Ethereum Mining Rig System,Complete ETC Crypto Miner with Windows10,Including 8GPU Mining Motherboard,2000W Power Supply(110V-264V),CPU,SSD,8G RAM,PSU Computer Case Mining Machine(Without GPU


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VTRETU Mining Rig is devoted to serving crypto miners with affordable high-quality mining rigs. Although there are various mining rig products, it is difficult to find a reliable and trustworthy supplier of mining rigs. With years of professional experience, our technician teams hope to provide all cryptocurrency fans with the best hardware and assist them with better crypto mining.

Is it a complete mining rig?

Yes, it is. All our mining rigs are installed before sending. You only need to stay home and wait for the delivery.

Do I need any other accessories?

You only need to install the graphics card, then connect to the network, and set up a mining pool account. Then you can start to enjoy your crypto mining journey.

How many GPUs can it plug in, and does it support all models of GPUs?

There are 8 slots. You should be able to install 8 GPU. The motherboard card slot is suitable for most graphics cards. Except for the 3060, which requires a specific motherboard.


【Install the GPU graphics card to use】 Fan controller,motherboard, Intel 1820CPU, 8CPU fixing screws, all-aluminum Cpu fan, 128GB SSD, 8G RAM, VGA TO HDMI、PSU (110V~264V), win10 system (inactive), 8* air cooling fans, 6 silicone support pads, 27*17*7 IN rectangular steel green chassis (the above is the existing configuration)
【Heat dissipation and temperature control】 4 (Air in) + 4 (Air out), 8 silent fans work at the same time, accelerate the airflow, achieve a good heat dissipation effect, and keep the mining machine running at a constant temperature
【VTRETU 2000W power supply 】Applicable to 110V~264V voltage, both household voltage and industrial voltage can be used without restriction (maintain high computing power operation)
【Applicable platforms and graphics cards】 Monero, Ethereum(ETC), Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ripple, Zerocoin, etc AMD: 5600XT/5700/5700XT/6800/6800XT/6900/6900XT/VEGA56/CTE. NVIDIA: 1060/2060S/2070S/2080S/1080T/3070/3060TI/2080/3090/VII
【After-sales support】Shipping by Amazon, you will receive the 8GPU encryption mining machine you are looking forward to. At the same time, our technical professionals and the after-sales team will provide 24 hours online help for VTRETU miner. Any problem, please contact us.