WhatTheFrog 12&24 Seed or Recovery Phrase Collector, CryptoSteel, CryptoPlate, Crypto Steel Memory, Cold Wallet for Hardware or Software cryptocurrency Wallet (24 Seed phrase)


New Upgrade Version 3.0!!! in the same price Seed phrase, Pass phrase or private key is an important information to open your blockchain wallet. Paper is not a good recorder due to it can be damaged by water and fire. So the best way to keep your seed phrase is to write it on a metal plate. Product description : – This 12 and 24 seed phrase of CryptoSteel plate was made from special aluminium with 3 mm thickening and size is similar to credit card (8.5×5.4cm). – It prevents rusting from water and tolerated from over 1,000 degree celsuis blue fire for 30 minutes long. Suggestion – Written by ordinary 0.3-0.5mm pen and remove ink by alcohol to make sure that your seed phrase has been marked clearly. – Using 3-4mm steely stamp to stamp on the plate is the best recording. 3mm CryptoStamp is suitable for 24 seed plate and 4mm is suitable for 12 seed plate. – This plate can be tolerate to water and fire but not from stealing. Please keep it safe in your safety box. – You can keep 12 seed phrase for two wallets on one 24 seed phrase plate. – Suitable for Defi farming, software or hardware wallet user. – Aluminium material might has a tiny scratch from manufacturing or transportation. We promise to solve this problem and improve our product. Thanks for buying and good luck in Crypto world ^.^ / Kobnoi WhatTheFrog
Endurable with 3 mm thickening.
Fireproof by tested from over 1,000 degree celsuis blue fire for 30 minutes long.
Writable by ordinary pen and CryptoPen.
Include practice plate in the package for practice before real recording.
Suitable for Defi framing, software or hardware wallet user.